Many thanks for your enthusiasm and attendance on this day

A perfect reunion, a perfect location and a perfect day. Many thanks to all for attending. The day was an enormous success. An aunty said to me "Le giornate cosi ci ridanno la vita" (Days like this give us life). It was so heart warming to see our families together and reunited in a relaxed and happy environment. For some of the older people there is was a great excuse for an outing and a day out in the fresh air catching up with people they hadn't seen in a long time. The folksongs in the background really made it special, some even got goosebumps lol. The food was delicious and the coffee great. Cin cin Assergi s'incontra, Assergi s'abotta ed Assergi sempre nei nostri cuori!!!!! Photo's coming soon!!!

We had over 100 people easily, will count numbers and the $5 covered the hire of the hall perfectly. We were $5 over which i told the last family to keep. All food was provided by club Italia and all profit made on this day also went to club Italia. Many thanks for your enthusiasm and attendance on this day

Trish Napoleone Docter

 Sensational effort..and a credit to you and Franca for all your efforts in bringing the whole day together, we all enjoyed the day, the venue, the food, the company and the wonderful opportunities to catch up with people we don't get to see all that often anymore with the busy lives we all have...would definitely love to do it all again, and I think most if not all who attended today would agree!

Frank Fantini

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